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We teach people about business and project management in different ways. You can learn online with other people (public classes) or by yourself (private classes). We also have classes in person, where you go to a real place.

Big companies like banks, car makers, and insurance companies have learned from us. So have tech companies, phone companies, medicine companies, charities, schools, government groups, and gas companies. We help lots of different kinds of organizations.


Educate the public and private sectors on the best practices, standards and benefits of project management and business analysis. Help spread the importance of project management and business analysis to the bottom line value of the organization.  


Teach and train the current and next generation of project manager, business analysts and top business leaders of the future to be quick, sharp and very bright.  We help professionals, businesses and enterprises take training to higher levels.  



  • Respect others
  • Honest business practice
  • Become your trusted business partner
  • Trusted Communication
  • Promote an Isaiah 11:2,3 principle of learning.

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